Beasts before us

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Mammal diversity at the time of the dinosaurs is becoming better understood thanks to ongoing research. Central to this, Scotland is one of the few countries with fossils complete enough…

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Colouring our world

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How do you describe the colour of something in a way that can be understood consistently? Peter Davidson, Senior Curator and contributor to the new book Nature’s Palette, explores how…

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Nature’s undertakers

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Meet the often-unsung heroes of the natural world: carrion beetles. Important decomposers and recyclers, most carrion beetles feed and breed on dead animals. Assistant Curator of Entomology, and carrion beetle…

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Taking the Buddha out of Buddhism

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At first sight, two of our large Buddhist sculptures appear to have similar stories. Dig a little deeper, and everything is not as it seems. Our Japan Foundation Assistant Curator…

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The emotional power of masks

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Over the last year, we’ve all experienced huge changes in our lives, including the necessary adoption of wearing face coverings in public spaces. Many artists, makers and designers have used…

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‘The Rialto’s on Fire’

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Liverpool fragments from the Toxteth Riots to the Garden Festival, 1981 – 84 When I heard this startled exclamation from the news reporter on my bedside radio, I glanced out…

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