Museum Display Cases & Cabinets

Museum Display Cases

We are acutely aware of the issues facing museum curators when it comes to installing exhibition showcases, in diverse range of environments, without compromise to the preservation of the object. Our Nova frameless exhibition showcase system has been specifically developed for these scenarios, with features such as re-chargeable battery power for lighting and in-case, micro-climate systems, along with off-site storage and a ‘when-you-need-us’ installation service.

However, as we know, the infinite diversity of artworks, objects and manuscripts presents particular challenges. In these situations, bespoke specifications for a tailored exhibition showcase are often required – for security, support mechanisms, advanced climate control systems and innovative interactive technology.

We manage the seamless integration of all project-specific requirements utilising the latest, industry-leading, computer aided design technology, in the production of precisely detailed manufacturing drawings.

We have a number of standard size display cases and cabinets available for purchase online, or we offer a bespoke service to match your requirements. For bespoke work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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