Conservation Drawer Storage System

Planorama Conservation Drawer Storage

“We chose the Planorama as the best solution to displaying specimens from our lace collection. It is big enough to show different types of lace in different drawers, and protects the delicate fabrics from excessive light and UV while still allowing access by museum visitors.” – Cowper and Newton Museum

Introduced in the 1970s to the Dutch National Archive, the Planorama conservation drawer storage system with its revolutionary, patented polyester drawer base was initially developed to assist in the preservation of cultural objects in their original condition. The removable drawers allow the user to study and document items, without unnecessary handling.

Today’s Planorama conservation storage solutions and display applications are more wide-ranging and now encompass;

  • Museum storage
  • Archive storage
  • Library storage
  • Art gallery storage
  • Specialist storage

More information about this conservation document, artefact or map storage system is given in our Planorama brochure below. Planorama is available in standard sizes for purchase online or we can produce Planorama units to your own exact specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us for bespoke options. 

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Conservation Drawer Storage by Planorama

Artefact Storage, artifact storage, map storage, document storage, archive storage

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